American Voice Accent/versant training​

  • The American Accent training or the US accent training is a regional accent reduction program designed to teach you everything you need to know to sound great in American English. 
  • While our English speaking programs teach you the basics of how to pronounce each sound,
  • With this accent training program we are going to give you an in-depth understanding and usage of not only how every sound in English works, we are going to teach you stress and intonation, all of the subtle rises and falls in your pitch, how pausing while speaking works, and how all of these things change your accent and your start sounding like a native English speaker when you start using our American accent training course.
  • Our American Accent training ( US accent training ) is a unique program that doesn’t just cover pronunciation (like how to pronounce the R or the TH), we also teach you how to use American intonation, rhythm and timing get a real native English sound.